Missouri Food Pantry Tax Credit

Missouri offers a Food Pantry Tax Credit for any taxpayer who donates cash or food to an in-state food pantry. The credit claimed shall equal 50% of the value of the contribution or donation made. Download and fill out a form here or stop into Crosslines to fill one out.

For more information about the Missouri Food Pantry Tax Credit, please visit the Missouri Department of Revenue here.

Due Date and Funding Limits (from dor.mo.gov)

  • Returns claiming the Food Pantry Tax Credit must be filed by April 15 of each fiscal year.
  • The total amount available for the Food Pantry Tax Credit is $1,250,000 in any one fiscal year. A fiscal year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30.
  • All claims will be held until after April 15 to determine if the total claimed exceeds $1,250,000. If claims exceed $1,250,000, the Department will apportion credits in an equal ratio among all valid returns filed.
  • If the Food Pantry Tax Credit is reduced because of apportionment, an amended return may be filed on or after July 1 to be considered for the following fiscal year beginning July 1, or the credit may be carried forward to the next year’s tax return. Amended returns may be filed until the credit is exhausted or the returns go out of statute. Generally, a return goes out of statute three years from the due date of that year’s return.